Purpose of the website “Let’s defend the Truth”


The purpose of this website is to defend the Church of Christ, everlasting and eternal.

In the awareness that humanity is experiencing the hard and difficult times as previously announced by God the Father Almighty, “Let’s defend the Truth” wants to defend the Truth of the authentic teachings of Christ and of Mary; and preserve them from the attack of the iniquity that, in an underhand and deceptive manner, is trying to erase the value and the memory of the salvific sacrifice of Christ from the heart of all believers.

Bergoglio and his false church have betrayed the covenant with God the Father, to give birth to a new idea of a world religion that is deceptive because it betrays the will of the Father. One is the true religion revealed by the Father: the one that is founded on Christ, the Son of the Living God, the Rock, the only Way, the only Truth, the only Eternal Life. Outside of Christ there is not salvation. This is the one and the only Truth revealed by God the Father Almighty who in Christ wants to embrace His children and bring them to live the eternal Life.

“Let’s defend the Truth” wants to give space and voice to those who identify themselves in the manifestation of the Plan of Salvation of God the Father Almighty: Universal Christian Church of the New Jerusalem.

The advent of the New Jerusalem is contained in Sacred Scriptures and was revealed by God the Father Almighty to Giuseppina Norcia, the Eternal Maiden chosen by God to fulfill the Mystery of salvation for humanity.

Giuseppina Norcia, in the course of Her earthly life, has to all announced and proclaimed the advent of the New Jerusalem. She, with Her “yes” to the Father’s plan, has welcomed Samuele Morcia, the son called by the Father to give life and fulfillment to the manifestation, to the whole world, of the Universal Christian Church of the New Jerusalem, the final fulfillment of Salvation of the Father.

The church of Bergoglio, that is no longer in communion with the Holy Spirit that proceeds from the Father and the Son, has declared “holy war” to the Universal Christian Church of the New Jerusalem.

“Let’s defend the Truth” will always defend this Church, giving voice to the heart and the spirit, head-on advancing. And will always defend the example of life of Christ and Mary, the life of Giuseppina and Samuele, chosen by God to bring to fulfillment the Mystery of Salvation: New Jerusalem.

Let’s defend the Truth!!