The Son of Man and Bergoglio’s religion of the spectacle


A) The text of the speech by J.M.Bergoglio:

(…) the Kingdom of God «is already in our midst: it is not a religion of entertainment» with which «we are always searching for new things, revelations and messages».
«God has spoken in Jesus Christ: this is God’s final say» ….. The rest is «like the fireworks that light you up for a moment, and then what remains? Nothing, there is no growth; there is no light, there is nothing: an instant». (….)
«There is the Kingdom of God»…. «but the question remains: when will the Son of Man come?». And «this is the other question that underlies the first». Therefore …….. , «this will be the fullness of God’s Kingdom, when the Lord will return, and he will return in this way. But before this fullness comes, the Lord says, it is necessary that He, the Son of Man, suffers greatly, and that He is rejected by this generation: it is the suffering of the Cross, of work, of all of this that we carry foreward». (….) (Meditation, Domus Sanctae Marthae, 10 November 2016)


B) References to Scriptures:

But when the Son of man comes, will he find any faith on earth?” (Luk 18:8)


C) Comment:

Bergoglio and the ministers loyal to him, have destroyed the true Christian faith, reducing the church of Rome to an extravagant church (as prophesied by the Beatified Catherine Emmerich) that stages artificial shows, which have nothing to do with the authentic Faith in Jesus Christ.

Bergoglio and the ministers loyal to him, have led the church of Rome to definitively deny the true Faith that is founded on Jesus Christ, becoming apostates and causing people unaware of Christian themes, to follow this heresy and to live the Apostasy in fullness.

These are Bergoglio’s “fireworks” that, on the basis of a human and deceptive mercy that does not lead to Christ but to his very self, is muddling hearts and minds of many drowsy and confused Christians. Bergoglio’s artifice is based on the misleading meaning given to the word “love”. Not Christ Love, the Unique Love that leads to the Salvation as wanted by the Father. But a human “love”, in which all existing religious philosophies are called to unite to give life to a new world religion that is not based on Christ, but is inspired on Sai Baba.

Here is the artifice of Bergoglio. An artifice contrary to the true Fire of the Holy Spirit. An artifice, an evil fire fed by the anti‑Christic spirit that does not warm hearts and souls, but that will burn all those who embrace this new doctrine taught by Bergoglio and by the extravagant ministers of the extravagant church that is now in Rome.

This is the time in which true faith is no longer in many hearts on Earth. The Apostasy of the church of Rome has drawn many away from the true Faith, for having denied, in the name of a false mercy and of a deceitful love, the teachings of Christ and the need to proselytize so to bring Christ to all nations and to give fulfilment to the Plan of Salvation wanted by God the Father Almighty, which is based only on Christ.

The church of Rome has disowned the Son of Man and His teachings.

In these hard and difficult times, only very few Christian hearts live the true Faith in the Son of Man; they that have not denied the true Faith in Christ, but want to live Christ in the fullness, offering their life and their daily living.