The islamic terrorism and the “catholic violence”


A) The text of the speech by J.M.Bergoglio:

(Antoine-Marie Izoard)
Holy Father, first of all, I offer good wishes to you, Father Lombardi, and Father Spadaro on the Feast of Saint Ignatius. My question is a bit more difficult. Catholics are in a state of shock – and not only in France – following the barbaric assassination of Father Jacques Hamel in his church while he was celebrating Holy Mass. Four days ago, on board the flight, you told us once again that all religions want peace. But this holy priest, eighty-six years old, was clearly killed in the name of Islam. So I have two brief questions, Holy Father. When you speak of these violent acts, why do you always speak of terrorists and not of Islam? You never use the word “Islam”. And then, in addition to prayer and dialogue, which are obviously essential, what concrete initiative can you launch or perhaps suggest in order to combat Islamic violence? Thank you, Your Holiness.
(Pope Francis)
I don’t like to speak of Islamic violence because every day when I open the newspapers I see acts of violence, here in Italy: someone kills his girlfriend, someone else his mother-in-law… And these violent people are baptized Catholics! They are violent Catholics… If I spoke about Islamic violence, I would also have to speak about Catholic violence. Not all Muslims are violent; not all Catholics are violent. It’s like a fruitcake, there’s a little bit of everything, there are violent people in these religions. One thing is true: I believe that in almost all religions there is always a small fundamentalist group. Fundamentalist. We have some ourselves. And when fundamentalism gets to the point of killing – and one can kill with the tongue (these are words of the Apostle James, not mine) as well as with a knife – … I believe that it is not right to identify Islam with violence. It is not right and it is not true…… But the majority of them go straight to the altar of Our Lady to pray: these are Muslims who want to participate in the Jubilee. They are our brothers and sisters. When I was in Central Africa I went to see them, and the Imam even came aboard the Popemobile. We can live together in harmony. But there are little fundamentalist groups. But I also ask myself how many young people – how many young people! – have we Europeans left without ideals, without jobs, and then they turn to drugs, alcohol… they turn to these things and they enlist in fundamentalist groups. ….. But this is a little fundamentalist group called ISIS. But you cannot say – I believe it is false and unjust – that Islam is terrorist.
(Antoine-Marie Izoard)
A concrete initiative on your part to combat terrorism and violence…
(Pope Francis)
Terrorism is everywhere! Think of tribal terrorism in some African countries… Terrorism – I don’t know if I should say it because it’s a bit risky – increases whenever there is no other option, when the global economy is centred on the god of money and not the human person, men and women. This is already a first form of terrorism. You’ve driven out the marvel of creation, man and woman, and put money in their place. This is a basic act of terrorism against all humanity. We should think about it.   (In-flight press conference from Poland to Rome – Papal Flight – Sunday, 31 July 2016)


B) References to Scriptures:

But when the Son of man comes, will he find any faith on earth?” (Luk 18:8b)

I saw that she was drunk, drunk with the blood of the saints, and the blood of the martyrs of Jesus; and when I saw her, I was completely mystified. The angel said to me, ‘Do you not understand? I will tell you the meaning of this woman, and of the beast she is riding, with the seven heads and the ten horns.” (Rev 17:6-7)


C) Comment:

Bergoglio does not rave when he speaks in defense of Islam and Islamic terrorists. Bergoglio is lucid and coherent. He knows what he says. So he strongly defends Islamic violence and mercilessly attacks catholicity, bringing absurd arguments, such as the events of daily chronicle, or the murdering of a girlfriend and of a mother-in-law; arguments used out of context to defend himself and his anti‑Christian project. Bergoglio’s Church acts as a mother of Muslims and as a stepmother of Christians.

The reality is that Bergoglio cannot contradict his project of a new world religion. Bergoglio, on the success of this project, is betting everything. And Islam is a fundamental part of this project, along with Judaism, Buddhism and Hinduism. For this reason, Bergoglio defends and will always defend Islam and Islamic people. And when, from the Catholic front, the voice rises against Islam, Bergoglio for first raises his voice to silence Catholics and to massacre them without mercy. Here is what was announced in the Apocalypse, is fulfilled: the great Prostitute (the church of Rome) is drunk with the blood of the martyrs of Jesus (those who have given their lives in defense of what was the Church of Christ).

Bergoglio in his project of a new world religion, promoted by Sai Baba and inspired by his anti-Christ spirit, wants to cancel Christianity by dissolving it in a new world religious philosophy founded on the word “love”. To the shout of “all religions want peace” and “all religions believe in love” and “we are all children of God” (the same God), Bergoglio and his accomplices in the church of Rome, betray the Holy Spirit and the Project of Salvation wanted by God the Almighty Father, selling‑off Christ’s saving sacrifice to serve the spirit of the anti-Christ.

Here is the great final Trial announced by the prophets and by the Sacred Scripture, that would have been manifested in the end times (that are now) to put the faith of Christians under a huge pressure, so much as to induce Jesus to ask: “But will the Son of Man find faith on earth, when He comes?” (Lk 18,8b).

What greater test than this, could the authentic Christianity have to face? Who could have imagined that the servants of the anti-Christ spirit, might have taken possession of the House that the Father had given to the children of Christ? Even John in the Apocalypse was amazed, He who was the co‑founder, seeing in advance that the church of Rome would have been the harlot, selling‑off Christ and His redeeming sacrifice; and that would have made her children martyrs.

But the angel of the Lord first shook the Apostle John, saying to him “Why are you surprised?” (Rev 17,7) and then instructed him so that he could well understand what was going to happen in the future times.

 For many this is surprising. For many others it is simply impossible. In fact, everything is in line with the nature and the history of God. The Father has given freedom to man. And so the man is free to follow and serve the Spirit of Good or the spirit of evil. And based on this the Father, that does not stay still watching and putting-up with the onslaught of his enemy, recalibrates His action in history, so that His Plan of Salvation will be fulfilled anyway. God always wins. But humankind cannot remain impassive, even if amazed, in front of the advancing of the spirit of evil.

God always wins. His action must be understood by following the action of the Holy Spirit. To understand where God is, how He manifests, in which House He dwells, man has to recognize in history the presence of the Holy Spirit, that cannot contradict Himself. Where there is clear and explicit contradiction, the Holy Spirit is no longer present. The Father withdraws His Holy Spirit from a house that has become hostile to Christ, caused by her leader but also her members, that do not love God anymore.

In His foresight and omniscience, the Father had betimes prepared His new people, so that in the times when the prophecies would have been fulfilled; when His admonitions and warnings to conversion addressed to the church of Rome would have remained unheeded; and when the abomination of desolation would have taken place – exactly as is happening every day under the eyes of everyone -, here is that His people, the announced remnant people that would have remained faithful to Him, now manifest themselves, to counter the inequity and lead by hand all men and all women of good will to the final victory.

God always wins. New Jerusalem: the White Island, the Father’s gift to humanity, the Church of Christ, that will defend the purity of the true faith and that will bring the Immaculate Heart of Mary to triumph.