The courage of the true servant: “Neglect the timetable. To have this courage, to neglect the timetable”


A)  The text of the speech by J.M.Bergoglio:

“…The servant neglects the timetable. It is painful for me to see a timetable in the parishes: “From this time to that time”. And then what? There is no open door, no priest, no deacon, no layperson to receive people… And this hurts. Neglect the timetable. To have this courage, to neglect the timetable …”  (Vatican City, St. Peter’s Square, Homily, Extraordinary Jubilee of Deacons, May 29th 2016)


B) References to Scriptures:

But take great care to practise the commandments and the Law which Moses, servant of Yahweh, has given you: to love Yahweh your God, always to follow his paths, to keep his commandments, to be loyal to him and to serve him with all your heart and with all your soul.” (Joh 22:5)

I heard the man speak who was dressed in linen, standing further up the stream: he raised his right hand and his left to heaven and swore by him who lives for ever, ‘A time and two times, and half a time; and all these things will come true, once the crushing of the holy people’s power is over.’”(Dan 12:7)


C) Comment:

The true children of God don’t “neglect”:  they take care.

The true children of God don’t waste time, nor do they disregard the timetables: they respect them, they beat the time and win.

The true children of God serve God with care and solicitude, with holy zealousness, wishing to do well and soon what pleases God the Almighty Father, without disregarding anything.

Bergoglio teaches to do the opposite. Who is called to be a guide for the souls, cannot teach to not “respect” the timetables, nor the people, nor – in particular – God’s Law. Christ, the Man‑God, always respects everything and everybody, even the time that, although belonging to Him, is often a tyrant and an enemy to Him.

Although having and willing to do everything in sanctity, the children of God want to win the time, doing everything with respect and with the greatest diligence and solicitude, following the example of Mary, Faithful and Holy Handmaid, that – with promptness – said “yes” to Her Lord, always caring and never disregarding the time of the Father and of the Son, till the end.

Who has time must not wait time. And the true children of God always want to be a step ahead of the time, having care of God, of the time and of everything that the Father donates them, to win, win and win again.

The children of Mary, Mother Church, New Jerusalem, are and always will be a step ahead, ahead of Bergoglio and of his followers who, neglecting the time, will always find themselves chasing and, thus, succumbing. One time, two times, and a half of a time.