“The chatterer is a terrorist that throws a bomb”


A) The text of the speech by J.M.Bergoglio:

“Make sure that all that is put into action for evangelization and the various pastoral activities you promote are not damaged or frustrated by existing divisions or those that may arise. Divisions are a handy weapon that the devil uses to destroy the Church from within. He has two weapons, but the main one is division; the other is money. The devil enters through the pocket and he destroys with the tongue, with divisive gossip; and the habit of gossiping is a ploy of “terrorism”. The gossiper is a “terrorist” who drops the bomb — gossip — in order to destroy. Please, fight against division, because it is one of the weapons that the devil uses to destroy the local Church and the universal Church. In particular the differences, owing to the various ethnic groups present in the same territory, must not penetrate the Christian communities to the point of prevailing over their good. There are challenges that are difficult to resolve, but with the grace of God, prayer and penance, it can be done. The Church is called to rise above tribal-cultural connotations, and the Bishop, a visible principle of unity, has the task of unceasingly building up the particular Church in the communion of all her members.” (Address to participants in the Seminar of Studies for Bishops in the mission territories – Clementine Hall – Friday, 9 September 2016)


B) References to Scriptures:

I, Wisdom, share house with Discretion, I am mistress of the art of thought. (Fear of Yahweh means hatred of evil.) I hate pride and arrogance, wicked behaviour and a lying mouth.” (Pro 8:12-13)

“Does anyone wise respond with windy arguments, or feed on an east wind?
Or make a defence with ineffectual words and speeches good for nothing?
You do worse: you suppress reverence, you discredit discussion before God.
Your very fault incites you to speak like this, hence you adopt this language of cunning.
Your own mouth condemns you, and not I; your own lips bear witness against you.” (Job 15:2-6)


C) Comment:

Bergoglio perseveres in teaching his new doctrine. A doctrine that has nothing to do with the Christian authentic teachings but that is totally humanized and out of control in its expressions.

As in this case when, with disconcerting levity, Bergoglio comes to affirm that «the chatterer is a terrorist that throws a bomb». If it is true that, in certain circumstances, silence is a great virtue, it is even more true that comparing the figure of “terrorist who throws the bomb” to a “chatterer” is a subversive and totally irresponsible act.

The seriousness of these affirmations is even more evident if considered that Bergoglio never wants to talk about “Islamic terrorism”, but has always tried to justify the Islamic fanaticism, even if in many states of the world, the Islamic people are making real genocide against Christians.

Bergoglio prefers relentlessly attacking the “chatterers”, indeed defining them terrorists. The seriousness of such statements is unprecedented. But Bergoglio is not new to such statements. Previously Bergoglio had spoken about this (see: Bergoglio and terrorism) and even before he had come to scold Christian religious people, stating that it would have been better if they were suicide bombers! (see: if only he would have been a Kamikaze!).

With his words, out of control, Bergoglio performs acts of real psychological terrorism in an attempt to annihilate consciences and to subvert the true order and true seriousness of these acts. The head of a Christian church cannot come to equate bombs that cause thousands of deaths with “chatters”.

This is not acceptable. But what is amazing is that now even many Christians have become accustomed to the way of doing and talking of Bergoglio, that can in this way undeterred continue to utter, civil and religious grave nonsense; with nobody that raises his voice to denounce their seriousness.