“Jesus has given me the important grace of shame”


A) The text of the speech by J.M.Bergoglio:

“Who is Jesus for Jorge Mario Bergoglio?
Jesus for me is the One who has looked upon me with mercy and saved me. My relationship with Him always has this principle and foundation. Jesus gave meaning to my life here on earth, and hope for future life. With mercy he looked at me, took me, put me on the street … And he gave me an important grace: the grace of shame” (Interview with Pope Francis on the occasion of the apostolic journey to Sweden, La Civiltà Cattolica, page 12 and 13, 28 October 2016)


B) References to Scriptures:

And I shall feel no pity for her children since they are the children of her whorings.
Yes, their mother has played the whore, she who conceived them has disgraced herself 
” (Hos 2:6-7)

Disaster to anyone who makes his neighbours drink, pouring out his poison until they are drunk, so that he can see them naked! You are full of shame, not glory! Your turn now to drink and show your foreskin. The cup in Yahweh’s right hand comes round to you, and disgrace will overshadow your glory.” (Hab 2:15-16)

So do not let anyone lead you astray, ‘Bad company corrupts good ways.’ Wake up from your stupor as you should and leave sin alone; some of you have no understanding of God; I tell you this to instil some shame in you.” (1Co 15:34)


C) Comment:

Bergoglio, the man who knows no shame, affirms that Jesus gave him a grace: “the grace of shame”. And day after day Bergoglio is spreading what he calls “grace”, on all those who follow him on the path of self‑destruction of the authentic Christian faith.

Bergoglio is spreading shame on the entire Christian people, that, because of Bergoglio, have largely lost their identity and are totally adrift. A people adrift thanks to him and to those who have betrayed Jesus, thanks to their shameful and reprehensible behaviours that, in the church of Rome, are continuously perpetrated. And the shame advances and overflows. Rome has lost faith. In the church of Rome, the great Apostasy, betimes announced, is evident to all those who have at heart Christianity, Christianism and the true Christian teachings.

Bergoglio, instead, has at heart the “shame” that, as he himself says, is the important grace received from Jesus. If this makes him happy, let it be so ….. Bergoglio can also remain in the “grace of shame”, while the authentic Christians thank God for having received salvation in Jesus Christ, the only Saviour, the One who saves, the Envoy of the Father, descended in the New Jerusalem, the Land of Love, to revive humanity, barren and lost, confused and stunned, because of the iniquities and sins of Babylon, the great whore, that represents the church of Rome of today, that has betrayed God, has lost her faith, and now lives in the “grace of shame”.