The manifestation of the spirit of Bergoglio and his new world “religion”


All true Christians and all people of good will have realized that Bergoglio has founded in facts a new “religion”, albeit into concealment, in an underhand manner and deceiving the Christians. This new religion, which actually is a ridiculous human philosophy based on human concepts, originates from the merge of all the biggest so-called religions that, going beyond what characterizes them, are joined together in the word “love”.

This project of new “religion” has been manifested (but in a hidden, not explicit, not-transparent way) on January 6th , the same day in which genuine Christians are called to celebrate the Solemnity of the Manifestation of Christ to the nations. The video message released on January 6th does not celebrate Christ, but cancels Him, mixing Jesus with who refuses Him.

Bergoglio and the Council that he established to guide the change in the roman catholic Church (ten people who, like the ten kings described in Revelation, are guiding the fate of millions of souls), are actually leading the Christians to change religion, to embrace a new project of religion that is founded on a human concept of “love” inspired by Sai Baba, a man that many people falsely idolize as a god, superior to Christ, but that in facts proposes a message that is in antithesis to Christ . Only Christ died and has risen to save humanity, since Christ is the only Savior of the world, the only One who saves. Not Sai Baba.

Bergoglio has for time prepared the ground in which to give life to this project of new religion, which fulfills the prophecies of the great Apostasy that would afflict the Church starting from the top. Now everything fulfills. Our Lady announced at “La Salette” that Rome would have lost the faith and would have become the seat of the anti-Christ. The spirit of Bergoglio does not serve Christ and His authentic teachings, but is at the service of the enemy of Christ. With his teachings, Bergoglio keep Christians away from Christ.

Bergoglio has long shown to be animated by a spirit contrary to Christ, to His authentic teachings and to the Plan of Salvation of God the Father Almighty, which takes place only and only in, with and for Christ.

Bergoglio has affirmed that: there doesn’t exist a Catholic God (but the true God, universal, revealed by the Father is Christ, the Son of the living God); there is not, not even for those who believe, an absolute Truth (but Christ for the Christians is the only absolute Truth revealed by the Father); Good is according to one’s own conscience (but for the true Christians the only Supreme Good is Christ, that is Good in the absolute sense, beyond what the individual consciences think); the missionary Church does not proselytize, the mission of the church is to not proselytize; proselytizing is a solemn nonsense (but Jesus has commanded that, to be saved, people must believe in Christ and must be baptized in His name); Paradise is a state of the soul (but for the true Christians, Paradise is a concrete and real dimension, where in Christ everyone is in the fullness); God’s covenant with the Jewish people is irrevocable, it has not been revoked (but the Father establishes a new Covenant in Christ, who renews and goes beyond the previous one).

Following are reported Bergoglio’s official documents that help to understand what are the principles that inspire this new and false religion, which seeks to attract people with trivial concepts and easy to accept, letting people believe that by doing so we can live a world of joy, with no more suffering; of peace, with no more war; of sincerity, with no more lies; of love, with no more death. But for true Christians, one is the Truth: the Joy, the Peace, the Sincerity and the Love that only in Christ are fulfilled.

The Fulfillment of Salvation for the whole world, wanted by God the Father Almighty, is fulfilled and will be definitively fulfilled only in Christ. One is and always will be the true religion: the one that is based on Christ, the Rock.

One is and always will be the true Church: the one animated by the Holy Spirit, which is founded on Christ and on His teachings. Where the Holy Spirit, that proceeds from the Father and the Son, is present, there is the Church of Christ, with which the Father stipulates His Covenant.

The Father has withdrawn His Holy Spirit and broken His Covenant with the church led by Bergoglio, because those men have betrayed Christ and His teachings to give birth to a new world false religion animated by the spirit of the anti-christ.

Only in Christ there is salvation, not in others. Who wants to live a world of joy, with no more suffering; of peace, with no more war; of sincerity, with no more lies; of love, with no more death, must believe in Christ.

For the authentic Christians, one is the Truth: the true Joy, the true Peace, the True sincerity and the true Love are fulfilled and are only in Christ.

Bergoglio and his ministers instead would have believe, in a hidden and sneaky manner, that salvation is fulfilled in Sai Baba, to the spirit of which they are devoted and to the spirit of which they are subject and subjugated, without freedom and without mercy.

The manifestation of the new pseudo world religion of Bergoglio contained in the January 2016 Video Message:

The false love of Bergoglio takes away from Christ and leads to Sai Baba