30 Marzo 17

Bergoglio and the Mystery of the Cross – Part II

  For all true Catholic Christians, the Cross is the centre of everything. The Cross is the point of convergence and fulfilment of the Mystery of God. No one can be a true Catholic Christian if they do not embrace, in totality, the profound significance of that moment of the Cross lived by Christ, by    »

29 Marzo 17

Bergoglio and the Mystery of the Cross – Part I

  The Cross is a Mystery, since ever. The Cross, for us Catholic Christians, is the Mystery. The Cross that lights‑up the world, The Cross of death and resurrection, which gives eternal Life. What happened that day, on and at the foot of the Cross is the highest point of the Mystery of the earthly    »

29 Marzo 17

Bergoglio and the ecumenism of Sai Baba

  In Istanbul, in the seat of the patriarchate, Bergoglio deeply bows before the Orthodox patriarch of Constantinople and asks a blessing for himself and for the Church of Rome. The patriarch places his hand on the head of Bergoglio and kisses his skullcap. On the same day Bergoglio attends to a worship in silence,    »

29 Marzo 17

The defence of the life of Jesus and Mary from all the detractors and those who betray their teaching

  The Mystery of the Baby Jesus of the New Jerusalem, is a well-defined Project of God, which began in 1947 with the manifestation of the Baby Jesus to Giuseppina Norcia, at that time a girl of 7 years. It’s a unique Project, decisive, eternal. The universality of the salvific plan of God finds complete    »

29 Marzo 17

The Work of Jesus and Mary

  In the Blessed Cradle of the New Jerusalem, many times we have repeatedly heard the divine messages that Jesus revealed to Giuseppina Norcia to feed the people and prepare them for His return. Those words, publicly heard for many years, both with Giuseppina and with Samuele, have always helped us to understand more, appreciate    »

29 Marzo 17

The Faith in Jesus and Mary

  “When the Father, was staring at the Heavens, you were present, Immaculate, full of Grace!” The Most Holy Mary, was there. When God gave life to the world, She was there, along with Him, She drew the mysterious horizons of the creation, and painted the colours of life. While all things were being shaped,    »