Let’s defend the true teachings of Christ

21 Luglio 17

“Proselytism is poison for the ecumenical journey”

  A) The text of the speech by J.M.Bergoglio: “(…) unity [of Christians] is not the fruit of our human efforts nor the product built by ecclesiastical diplomacy, but is a gift that comes from on high. (…) Our task is to receive this gift and make it visible to all. (…) And what bond    »

20 Luglio 17

Bergoglio to Radio Maria: “When a media sows a half-truth, it misinforms”

  A) The text of the speech by J.M.Bergoglio: “When a Christian does not want a mother, he falls into that ‘orphanhood’ of being a Christian without being so”, Bergoglio adds. And he warns of the grave “danger” of “falling into an existential nominalism”, that is “believing that what is said, is what is. They    »

20 Luglio 17

“The Church cannot claim to have the monopoly of the Truth”

  A) The text of the speech by J.M.Bergoglio: “The Church too, can and must, without claiming a monopoly on truth, speak out and act, especially in the face of «situations of deep hurt and dramatic suffering, in which values, ethics, the social sciences and faith all enter into play»” (Address to participants in the 3rd    »

20 Luglio 17

“In the unity the one that is never wrong is the enemy, the devil”

  A) The text of the speech by J.M.Bergoglio: Look, in ecumenism the one who never makes a mistake is the enemy, the devil. When Christians are persecuted and murdered, they are chosen because they are Christians, not because they are Lutherans, Calvinists, Anglicans, Catholics or Orthodox. An ecumenism of blood exists.” (Interview with Pope    »

20 Luglio 17

“proselytizing in the ecclesial field is sin”

  A) The text of the speech by J.M.Bergoglio: “Personally, I believe that enthusiasm must shift towards common prayer and the works of mercy – work done together to help the sick, the poor, and the imprisoned,” – Pope Francis said – “To do something together is a high and effective form of dialogue.   I also think    »

18 Luglio 17

“The weakness of God: He loses His memory”

  A) The text of the speech by J.M.Bergoglio: “Dear Brothers and Sisters, Good morning! (….) The parable that is most moving for everyone — because it manifests the infinite love of God — is that of the father who enfolds in a close embrace the son who has been found. What strikes us is    »

17 Luglio 17

The secretary of the Italian bishops cancels the History and the Word of God to defend Sodom and sodomites

  A) The text of the speech: “Prayer is an invisible channel that connects us to God, allowing us to listen to him, ask him for forgiveness, to experience his closeness and his paternity, to invoke him for us and in behalf of others. The intense dialogue between God and Abraham, mentioned in the first    »

7 Luglio 17

The mystery of suffering? “There are no answers to these questions”

  A) The text of the speech by J.M.Bergoglio: “This afternoon I went to the Children’s Hospital.  There too Jesus suffers in so many sick children.  And always the question comes to me: “Why do children suffer?”  It is a mystery.  There are no answers to these questions”. Greetings from the window of the Archbishop’s    »

3 Maggio 17

“The Eucharist is a remedy”

  A)  The text of the speech by J.M.Bergoglio: “Matthew was a “publican”, namely, a tax collector on behalf of the Roman Empire, and for this reason was considered a public sinner. But Jesus calls Matthew to follow him and to become his disciple. Matthew accepts, and invites Jesus along with the disciples to have    »

3 Maggio 17

Judas, “poor penitent man”

  A)  The text of the speech by J.M.Bergoglio: “What matters to Jesus is a person’s life, not a framework of laws and words: the slaying of Stephen and Joan of Arc, the death of many other innocent people throughout history and even the suicide of Judas remind us of how much harm can be    »